WTC Clan

We are a multi-game clan on Xbox 360 with dedicated member's from around the world. We are easy going and don't take thing's too seriously like other clan's do, we are here to have a good time and make new friend's. There is an age limit to join the clan, you must be at least 15 year's old to join unless you get approval from Xavier 937.

                              Commanding Generals Message Board

                   Clan News

 Clan is currently being Re-vamped to fit the multiple games in a more orginized manner. -GoldenGlade


            CoD  Commanding General

                 Nothing to Report  

   Battlefield Commanding General

     We are currently recuiting and accepting new members under the leadership of Goldenglade



                            UID Clan

                    We have an alliance with UID and here is their link.